hmmm.... how often do we get to really enjoy the things that we earn? Possibility that we may end up giving it for others things..... haiz..... Happiness and sadness are just part of the emotion that we have to go through time to time. In reality, we could not know how exactly are those feeling being asignificant effect on our behavior... People walks in and out of any entrance every second; that's life where we don't even bother to take notice of any things that happen. When we are in a situation that requires our views, things starts to flares up and only a word is suitable that is "mess". I wouldn't choose that word but i have to as it's the appropiate word and most common among vocabulary that we could look up in the dictionary... ermmm should be the respond to it... Maybe i do need so suggestion whether if i'm ready to face the fact that i'm lacking something that could really thrust me forward or otherwise... As people says "A successful man always have a influnetial lady behind the scene". I think it's true... I have witness it with my own eyes and experience it before until recently.

what is the difference between illusion and hope! i guess it; just another way for human to console themselves... for once we though that life is full of what we call 'miracle' and 'hope' but actually it's all what it is that makes us feel much more convince about ourselves. There are numerous times where we nearly fell into the trap of 'hope'. Can't we just put those false believe behind and start working? Well i don't think human can really live with that, can't they? Probably this what makes the human's world such unpredictable ones'. But reality, is that life is simple like A,B,C... Each and every path we choose has different outcome that is waiting for us to unfold and try to solve the missing puzzle... After the puzzles, then there is riddles, etc... nothing is straightforward in the sense that we can achieve what we desire and not... there are so many people out there keeps telling others that the how the world isn't all bout.. This disguise has been far too long living in us. It's time for it to move along and we take charge of our own destination in life....

maybe some day, I can just wake up from this dreamland and start all over again....

"Do we have goals in life?" What's our respond? How should we answer this question? But the main point is that are we answerable to ourself and how exactly are we closing in on our goals? If we can't do so, why are we so curious about others? What others has in mind doesn't necessary means that it's also what we want. We are born uniquely with our own ability and with different missions that we should accomplish during the course of our life. However things constantly change with time but our goals doesn't change even if we have to spend 10-20 years to achieve what we have been aiming for all these while. Therefore, we must be conscious and focus on what we want rather than keep pondering on our own mistakes. If that's the case, how much time left for us to complete the mission? Do we have all the time that we would want to complete what we have started or to begin on a new goal? The answer is very obvious; "NO" Then why must we procrastinate? Is there any assurance that we are able to achieve our goal in a certain time period considering that we doesn't take it seriously. Does it really worth taking such chances and jeopardize our own future? I won't consider that at all. I can't or what shall I say, I'm not willing to lead such miserable life without any desire or direction. Can we manage if this would happen on us? I won't just be a quitter instead try to find the goal that has been illuding in my life. Life isn't not about giving up or quitting but is all about success and winning.

Hence, it's vital to have goals in life regardless of minor or major ones. In addition, we also need to have the correct perception in order to succeed. So why aren't we having any goals in life?

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Hey, I'm just an ordinary dude but with enthusiasm that could potentially leads me to new highs in life. I'm embarking on a journey which may help me to discover new things that could add to my life journey.